What We Do

We ensure communities are aware of the need for safe and durable toilets, are willing to pay for it and they can afford.

Our Expertise

Financial Inclusion

We Financially include communities and entrepreneurs by strengthening their capacity to access finances through Financial Institutions (FI) which offer sanitation and hygiene savings and loan products. We also promote vibrant uptake of the transactional ledger to enhance linkage with FIs. Our aim is for households to receive sanitation loans to support the construction or rehabilitation of their toilets at the household level.

Capacity Building

We offer trainings on sanitation and hygiene practices to Community Health Volunteers (CHVs). We also train artisans on construction of FINISH type of toilets and empower entrepreneurs to venture into and diversify in sanitation business.

Circular Economy

FINISH INK seeks to address the waste recovery gap and poor disposal of untreated human and other wastes that has been a threat to human life and the ecosystem for decades. The project applies the sanitation circular economy approach as a guide to its implementation. It envisions healthier and socio economically empowered communities as a result of people using safely managed sanitation facilities, practice hygienic behavior and use safely treated human and other organic waste manure for farming. The end product in the sanitation value chain is co compost which is generated at the Busia Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP).

Urban Sanitation

FINISH INK strives to promote sustainable cities and societies by promoting improved sanitation in the
informal settlements with an aim to reach those at the bottom of the pyramid (or say the urban poor). Low cost and efficient technologies are applied to enhance inclusivity in access to improved sanitation.
We ensure safely managed systems are constructed, efficient and hygienic emptying services are
practiced, and affordability to access such products and services

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